·      How do you differentiate yourself from other private lenders

o   This is my primary business, not a side-line or opportunistic investment

o   I have developed a unique web based ‘Engagement Platform’ not currently available in the market which http://www.homeownershipsolutions.org/signin.php

                                          I.         It’s a professional tool you can utilize while engaging a client

                                         II.         It will reduce your loan procurement time to 5 minutes, watch the video on ease of use : http://youtu.be/n-n-LPUKtv8 (or see it on my LinkedIn Profile page)

                                       III.         Effectively engages you, the client and the lender in real-time

                                       IV.         Is competitively priced based on a risk score, and not on a flat rate

·      Do I have to use the Web Form

o   No, I developed the Web Form to expedite your approval process. If you prefer to use the phone, you will get the same level of urgent attention. 

·      I am a AAA lender and don’t really need a Private Lender

o   Because our process takes 5 minutes to an indication of approval, many AAA lenders have taken the opportunity to up-tier their fees by accepting second mortgage requests. In five minutes, if you have a strong indication of approval, you need not search any longer, just submit. If you get a decline, you need not waste any more time on the deal. My most active users previously turned away private second mortgage clients

·      Can I test the form out without making a formal submission

o   I welcome it. You can always just check likelihood of approval by pressing the Likelihood of Approval button and exit without submitting. Feel free to try a submission, just name your client Test, and I will know it’s a test run

·      Are you a Broker

o   NO, I am strictly a Private Lender. I do not charge a broker fee. I am the lender

·      Are you consolidating funds from a number of lenders

o   NO, I am the only lender and I lend my own money

·      What is your rate

o   My model assesses and scores risk on various parameters. The rates reflect the risk on the file. I aim to be very competitive for a second mortgage lender. My risk model assigns rates starting at 8% for the highest quality credits

·      Will you Capitalize Interest

o   I have worked with clients that are ‘asset rich’ and temporarily ‘cash poor.’ Under certain circumstances I will capitalize a portion of the interest and finance it

·      How high will you go on LTV

o   My model assesses overall risk. Various factors will affect how high I will go on LTV. As an example, a person well employed, in a secure industry, living in a major center will be able to garner a higher LTV than a person recently in a new job in a remote center. I will go as high as 85%

·      Will you do First Mortgages

o   Yes, but only Special Situation Firsts, such as bridges or other special situations not otherwise considered by large financial institutions (I will not try to compete with large financial institutions on typical first mortgage loans)

·      What is the lender’s reputation? I want to know it before I refer him to my clients

o   I am a 26 year financial services executive with reputable Bay Street credibility. Former CEO of Bank One Canada, former COO of JPMorgan Canada, former Head of Corporate and Energy Banking at National Bank, current CEO of independent financial services firm, Fourth Street Financial Corporation

·      How quickly can you close

o   My model is built on expediency. I can always close faster than the client can move